5 things to do to speed up your PC and boot time

1 – Get Windows 8:

Firstly, measure how many seconds it takes for your Windows to boot and compare to the general benchmarks below.  If you have Windows 7 and it boots at around 38 seconds, that is normal; if you want faster boot up, then you need to switch to Windows 8 as the boot-up speed is about twice as fast. Please note that these numbers are for a new computer only. As you use your computer, boot time will naturally increase; but you don’t want it to increase too much and use some tricks to control that as we describe in this article. 

windows 7 vs. 8 boot-up

2 – Install an SSD:

If you boot-up time is over 1 minute or if you want to bring down you time to as short as possible, best thing you can do is to install a solid state drive. You can always delete some of the programs or large files to free up your hard disk. However, this takes time since you have to prioritize your files importance and in the end have to delete some stuff.

3 – Disable most start-up programs:

If you don’t want to invest in an SSD solid state drive, the faster and more stable way to increase your boot-up speed is to use a start-up helper program that would delay the start of some of the programs. The program which is not used every time in the computer should be unchecked to stop it from automatically starting. To complete this process go to ‘Start’ and then to ‘Accessories’ and select ‘Run’. Enter. With ‘Startup’ tab find out the desired program from the list, uncheck it and click ’OK’. Also clear the undesired desktop shortcuts because more the shortcuts on the desktop, more time the computer takes up to load and start. Some software programs enable you to manage you start-up easily. A good registry program (see below) would have a feature to manage your start-up programs. I would disable all programs except the ones related to Windows/Systems, audio and wi-fi and install Windows Security Center instead of AVG or McAfee. Windows Security is light on your computer processing power and is as effective as others if not more, so you can get some boost in boot time using that program instead of others. 

4 – Delete / transfer unused programs and large files:

Important step to increase the performance of PC is to uninstall unused programs. To do that use the built-in ‘Uninstall’ feature by going to ‘Control Panel’ through ‘Start Menu’ and right clicking the desired program. Also, delete large files not frequently used from the hard drive. It is advisable to keep such files in an external drive or cloud storage.

5 – Use a registry cleaner:

You should clean out invalid keys, repair broken shortcuts and remove other unnecessary and cluttered files from your computer registry. These unorganized registry files prevent applications to access keys smoothly and consume your PC’s memory, which slows your computer boot-up time and overall operations. You should repair your registry files by running an efficient registry cleaner and performance booster such as Advanced System Care PRO.

We researched many registry cleaners in the market, and we recommend Advanced System Care PRO, which increases the speed of your slow PC up to 300%. Advanced SystemCare, the flagship product from reputable software company IObit, has been downloaded over 200 million times worldwide. It ranks in top 5 on download.com (#1 in diagnostic software), with 150 thousand downloads a week (as of this writing). It has received many rewards from the best references in PC sector such as CNET, PC Magazine, PC World ZDNet. The program has an amazing user interface, with a simple one-click diagnostic and fix tool. It also has a start-up manager, where you can manage your start-up programs to increase your Windows boot up speed. Its customer service is also top-notch

Advanced SystemCare has various tools that you can use to improve the performance of your computer. Tools like privacy cleaner, disk defragger are just a few of the most useful ones. There are various other benefits of using Advanced System Care in addition to improving PC boot time

  • It prevents your computer from crashing. It also removes spyware and back trap door virus from your computer by disabling their registry.
  • It boosts the Computer Performance – You can enjoy the visible difference in your computer performance after using this software. It will reduce the computing timing by removing useless registry from the operation stacks.
  • Manages start-up programs – It enables you to manage your start-up programs very easily. This step is very important as we mentioned in the earlier section and you can get it done with this program easily.
  • Detail scanning results – It provides you complete summary of registry, action taken and location of the registry. You can also manually control all these scans by using a custom setting of this software.
  • Registry Restore option – In case you require to restore any deleted registry you can easily do that. It is a great function to be able to revert to the previous version in a software program.
  • Compatible – It is completely compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. as well as with 2003 server.

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advanced system pro trial


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The free version offers only basic protection while the paid version will enable you tons of great tools, including system tuneup for better performance, real-time optimization, and security. 

One of my favorite features is surely the Internet Booster, up to 300% internet speedup. You can use Internet Booster feature while downloading large files from the internet or playing online games. 

Here’s a video review of AdvancedSystem Care, which goes over the functionality and how to set it up. 

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