5 things to do to speed up your PC and boot time

1 – Get Windows 8:

Firstly, measure how many seconds it takes for your Windows to boot and compare to the general benchmarks below.  If you have Windows 7 and it boots at around 38 seconds, that is normal; if you want faster boot up, then you need to switch to Windows 8 as the boot-up speed is about twice as fast. Please note that these numbers are for a new computer only. As you use your computer, boot time will naturally increase; but you don’t want it to increase too much and use some tricks to control that as we describe in this article. 

windows 7 vs. 8 boot-up

2 – Install an SSD:

If you boot-up time is over 1 minute or if you want to bring down you time to as short as possible, best thing you can do is to install a solid state drive. You can always delete some of the programs or large files to free up your hard disk. However, this takes time since you have to prioritize your files importance and in the end have to delete some stuff.

3 – Disable most start-up programs:

If you don’t want to invest in an SSD solid state drive, the faster and more stable way to increase your boot-up speed is to use a start-up helper program that would delay the start of some of the programs. The program which is not used every time in the computer should be unchecked to stop it from automatically starting. To complete this process go to ‘Start’ and then to ‘Accessories’ and select ‘Run’. Enter. With ‘Startup’ tab find out the desired program from the list, uncheck it and click ’OK’. Also clear the undesired desktop shortcuts because more the shortcuts on the desktop, more time the computer takes up to load and start. Some software programs enable you to manage you start-up easily. A good registry program (see below) would have a feature to manage your start-up programs. I would disable all programs except the ones related to Windows/Systems, audio and wi-fi and install Windows Security Center instead of AVG or McAfee. Windows Security is light on your computer processing power and is as effective as others if not more, so you can get some boost in boot time using that program instead of others. 

4 – Delete / transfer unused programs and large files:

Important step to increase the performance of PC is to uninstall unused programs. To do that use the built-in ‘Uninstall’ feature by going to ‘Control Panel’ through ‘Start Menu’ and right clicking the desired program. Also, delete large files not frequently used from the hard drive. It is advisable to keep such files in an external drive or cloud storage.

5 – Use a registry cleaner:

You should clean out invalid keys, repair broken shortcuts and remove other unnecessary and cluttered files from your computer registry. These unorganized registry files prevent applications to access keys smoothly and consume your PC’s memory, which slows your computer boot-up time and overall operations. You should repair your registry files by running an efficient registry cleaner and performance booster such as Regcure Pro

There are many registry cleaner software are available in the market that is a simple piece of software and gives you the specific issue’s solution.

However, if you are looking for something extraordinary that not only cleans your computer’s registry files but also speed up your PC performance by removing viruses and spyware. If you are thinking to buy such software that fulfills all of your needs, RegCure Pro is going to be your ideal choice. This software has all of the above-discussed features that make is unique and will be a timesaving solution at very reasonable price.

RegCure Pro claims to be “Your all-in-one tool for everyday PC problems.”

This software is a quick solution to clean your window’s registry, increase the performance and boost the computer’s speed. The software comes with several useful optimization tools that safely scan your PC and fix all bugs by removing viruses, malware, and all unnecessary files.

Why is RegCure Pro best?

Registry Repair

When we install any program in our computer, our system stores its information in the registry. On the other hand when we uninstall any program from our computer that files remain in the registry and it is cause to slow down our PC speed. That extra data in the registry creates problems. To be protected from such issues, RegCure Pro is the best choice that cleans all unwanted files from your computer and fixes your entire computer issues that lead you to the annoying slow speed.

This software defragments all the files and helps windows to locate proper files faster. Usually, registry cleaners delete all files from your computer, and sometimes we lost our useful files as well. However, using RegCure Pro you don’t need to worry about. It creates the backup all of the scans, and you can get your important files again if lost them accidently. Once you recover your desired file, you can delete the backup anytime through the RegCure window.


Easy User Interface

RegCure is easy to use registry cleaner software. It has an easy to understand user interface that fits everyone to navigate and understand the proper use of this software. You can find all features in clean tabs that all have explanations of their work.

FAQs and Support

In case you want to know more about the use of software, the FAQs will help you to get the problem solved. If you still have any issue to understand any feature they have quick email support solution that will take only 8 hours to get the reply, as their quick responsive team is available to support you.

Auto Fixes

Once you install the software in your PC RegCure, Pro will start its work and fix all registry issues immediately. The first scan gives your computer a proper scan, and you can schedule next scans accordingly. Once you set up the scanning schedule you don’t need to worry about scan your computer again and again; it will do its work automatically.

Minimize Errors

This software will clean windows registry errors such as uninstall entries, shared DLLs, shell extensions, file path references, application paths and more.

Privacy and Protection

When it comes to using the internet, we save a lot of data on our computer while browsing different websites. If you have some confidential information in your PC like a credit card, passwords and your bank statements this data can be accessible by the hackers. RegCure is the best tool to be protected from such attacks. This software is very effective to clean any personal information from your computer. People who save their password in the browsers, a registry cleaner is highly recommended for those.

Remove Junk Files

When we are using our computer and saving some files there are a lot of files created; the registry software can help us to remove those temporary and junk files that cause to slow down our PC.

All of the above features of RegCure Pro will be a worth and time-saving investment to boost your PC performance and be protected from virus, malware or hacking attacks.

 System Requirements

RegCure Pro is undoubtedly compatible for Windows computers.

Final Words

RegCure is one of the most valuable software comparing other simple registry cleaners. As the software has its organization tool and antivirus, it’s the best products for the price. The software is Microsoft awarded gold partner title after testing. RegCure is an impressive registry cleaning software that you can try having quality features with highly recommend and most wanted tools for every PC user. I would recommend you to go with this software to get rid of any PC issue.

Where can I download it?

You can use the link below to download RegCure Pro securely to test the program


Where can I purchase it?

You can use the link below to purchase RegCure Pro