If your computer is running slow and you want to speed up your PC and boot time, use a best-in-class registry cleaner with the ability to manage your start-up menu. I would use Advanced SystemCare Pro to disable all programs except the ones related to Windows/Systems, audio and wi-fi and install Windows Security Center instead of AVG or McAfee. Windows Security is light on your computer processing power and is as effective as others if not more, so you can get some boost in boot time using that program instead of others. 

Windows Boot Up

We researched many registry cleaners in the market and we recommend Advanced System Care PRO, which increases the speed of your slow PC and boot-up time up to 300%. Advanced SystemCare, flagship product from reputable software company IObit, has been downloaded over 200 million times worldwide. It has received many rewards from the best references in PC sector such as CNET, PC Magazine, PC World ZDNet. The program has an amazing user interface, with a simple one-click diagnostic and fix tool. It also has a start-up manager, where you can manage your start-up programs to increase your Windows boot up speed. Its customer service is also top-notch.

Boot Time 

Why do you need such a registry cleaner and optimizer? Files installed or downloaded are saved in registry of computer. Even if you may have removed some of the programs; files related to the program continue to stay in the registry and consume processing power. These registry files are detected through a Windows Booster and then deleted to clean registry for better performance and boot time of the computer.      


There are various other benefits of using Advanced System Care in addition to improving PC boot time

  • It prevents Computer from crashing –  It removes the registries that can make computer crash possible. It also removes spyware and back trap door virus from your computer by disabling their registry.
  • It boosts the Computer Performance – You can enjoy the visible difference in your computer performance after using this software. It will reduce the computing timing by removing useless registry from the operation stacks.
  • It fixes all the registry problems – If you are facing problems in running authentic program then you can use this software for fixing the registry problems. In most of the cases, it restores functionality of your desirable software without wasting lot of time.
  • Manages start-up programs – It enables you to manage your start-up programs very easily. This step is very important as we mentioned in the earlier section and you can get it done with this program as we demonstrated in the video. 
  • Detail scanning results – It provides you complete summary of problematic registry, action taken and location of the registry. You can also manually control all these scans by using custom setting of this software.
  • Registry Restore option – In case you require any deleted registry than you can easily avail it without any problem as it stores the entire deleted registry for considerable time period.
  • Compatible – It is completely compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc as well as with 2003 server.

You can purchase the program with 60 day money back guarantee below.
Windows Boot Up

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