If your computer is running slow and you want to speed up your PC and boot time, there are five things you can do:

1 – Get Windows 8:

Firstly, measure how many seconds it takes for your Windows to boot and compare to the general benchmarks below.  If you have Windows 7 and it boots at around 38 seconds, that is normal; if you want faster boot up, then you need to switch to Windows 8 as the boot-up speed is about twice as fast.

windows 7 vs. 8 boot-up

2 – Install an SSD:

If you boot-up time is over 1 minute or if you want to bring down you time to as short as possible, best thing you can do is to install a solid state drive. You can always delete some of the programs or large files to free up your hard disk. However, this takes time since you have to prioritize your files importance and in the end have to delete some stuff.

3 – Disable most start-up programs:

If you don’t want to invest in an SSD solid state drive, the faster and more stable way to increase your boot-up speed is to use a start-up helper program that would delay the start of some of the programs. The program which is not used every time in the computer should be unchecked to stop it from automatically starting. To complete this process go to ‘Start’ and then to ‘Accessories’ and select ‘Run’. Enter. With ‘Startup’ tab find out the desired program from the list, uncheck it and click ’OK’. Also clear the undesired desktop shortcuts because more the shortcuts on the desktop, more time the computer takes up to load and start. Some software programs enable you to manage you start-up easily. I would disable all programs except the ones related to Windows/Systems, audio and wi-fi and install Windows Security Center instead of AVG or McAfee because while other slow up your boot up, Windows Security does not and is as effective as other if not more

4 – Delete unused programs and large files:

Important step to increase the performance of PC is to uninstall programs, generally not used by you. Some of them might have been installed by the manufacturer and few might have been used by you temporarily. For removing program, use inbuilt ‘Uninstall’ feature by going to ‘Control Panel’ through ‘Start Menu’ and right click the desired program.

Clear the hard drive of not regularly used files, large files of video and photos. It is advisable to keep such files in a flash drive so that these can be used when desired. This can be done easily by plugging the external device in USB drive of computer and transferring the selected file to external file from hard drive. After getting transferred to storage device, file on hard drive can be deleted to provide more space on it, thus reducing loading time of computer.

5 – Use a registry cleaner:

Files in registry of computer should also be removed by running an effective registry cleaner. We tested this option on our 15 year old laptop and were able to halve our boot time – that is double the performance! Applications started running more smoothly too. Files installed or downloaded are saved in registry of computer. It may happen that you removed some of them; but these are still in registry. These registry files are detected through a Windows Booster and then deleted to clean registry for better performance and boot time of the computer. There are many PC Booster software programs you can choose from. We recommend Regdefense because it is very effective, and safe since it automatically backs up your registry before making any changes. RegDefense detects errors in 15 different areas of computer registry and in results you get increased speed of your computer. This software is very easy to use and after searching the problem you can get rid of it with just one click on Fix Errors. In case you want the deleted registry again on your personal computer then you can restore it without any hassle since you have the back-up.     

There are various other benefits of using RegDefense in addition to improving PC boot time

  • It prevents Computer from crashing – You can use this RegDefense for protecting your computer because it removes the registries that can make computer crash possible. It also removes spyware and back trap door virus from your computer by disabling their registry.
  • It boosts the Computer Performance – You can enjoy the visible difference in your computer performance after using this software. It will reduce the computing timing by removing useless registry from the operation stacks.
  • It fixes all the registry problems – If you are facing problems in running authentic program then you can use this software for fixing the registry problems. In most of the cases, it restores functionality of your desirable software without wasting lot of time.
  • Auto schedule – You can easily manage the schedule of this program without any difficulties as you can fix the time period for scanning your computer.
  • Detail scanning results – It provides you complete summary of problematic registry, action taken and location of the registry. You can also manually control all these scans by using custom setting of this software.
  • Registry Restore option – In case you require any deleted registry than you can easily avail it without any problem as it stores the entire deleted registry for considerable time period.
  • Needs less Space – It requires very less space of 7 MB on your computer hard disk that you can easily manage. You can also download this software from the official site without any problem.
  • Compatible – It is completely compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc as well as with 2003 server.

You can learn more about the program and download the free Lite version at the link below.
Best Registry Cleaner


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